AgilE LEADERSHIP Workshop 

Leading, guiding and inspiring organizations in a constantly changing environment is challenging. Traditional concepts and theories of management and leadership are coming under pressure as new organization models arise and a new generation enters the labor market.


Teamwork is becoming ever more important and team autonomy  is trending. These trends require leadership in agile organizations, also referred to as agile leadership.


We define agile leadership as: ‘The capacity of leaders to support  teams in creating customer value and to embrace uncertainties  both inside and outside the organization.’


Many leaders have  already mastered the basics: the challenge is to further develop  these existing capabilities, so they can help the organization   further develop itself in a sustainable way.

                                             With our ‘Agile Leadership’ Approach:


You will have an insight into the behavior and skills suited to a leader in an agile environment, how you match with these skills and behavior and what is required for you to develop these further. You will gain knowledge and understanding of new organizational models and the way you can shape and direct these.

Agile Leadership’ helps you to develop your own leadership and support your organization on the path to agility.

Leadership in agile organizations requires a different paradigm and approach at each level: Organizational level, Team level, Personal level.

Leading an agile organization is highly demanding for its leaders. It requires new ways of thinking, working and organizing.  

                                                   What will you learn through out this training?  


Individual perspective (YOU) Knowing yourself and why you do what you do

  • What is Agile Leadership, and how does it differ from other forms of leadership

  • The importance and skills of Self-Leadership

  • Why you do what you do (understanding of yourself and your leadership)


Team perspective (WE IN OUR TEAM)

  • How to increase pace from immature to mature high-performing teams

  • How to grow and develop teams to be independent and empowered to make their own decisions

  • Conflict resolution skills and balancing between artificial harmony and destructive conflict


Organizational perspective (ALL OF US)

  • Why do modern organisations need Agile Leadership

  • What is the role of Managers and Leaders in organisations that embrace Agile

  • How do we approach emergent strategy and structures that allow the organisation to thrive in a complex adaptive environment

  • How to balance an agile culture with an agile structure

  • What are the key ingredients for being a learning organisation in practice, not just in theory

  • How to work to change behaviors – accomplishing an agile mindset and culture



Duration: half day or full day workshop or online workshop (4 sessions per 2 hours)

                (workshop timing and content can be adjusted to the specific needs of your organisation)


Participants: 5 – 10

Language: can be Slovenian, Croatian/Serbian or English

Workshop has basis in Professional Agile Leadership (ICP-LEA) training by ICAgile.                      

If you are interested in creating internal workshop, please contact us and we will together find the best solution for you.


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