We help companies leverage HR to achieve business goals & grow with empowered employees. 

The future winners of any market will be companies who manage to quickly reinvent their HR in a way that lets them detect and develop the right people and therefore speed up business performance, development, operations and sales. Such companies will gain an opportunity to compete, grow and profit from change.

Our approach creates a responsive internal culture, enables management to recognize top performers and super charges overall employee performance. 

We provide the personalized service and experience needed to implement change and make it stick. 


How can we support your journey to new ways of working?

Agile HR

Develop yourself in Agile HR and evolve from managing human resources towards leading and supporting resourceful humans.

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HR Consultancy

Schedule a short meeting today and we can prepare a plan for a redesign of people processes and leadership.

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Reiss Motivational Profiling

By knowing more about each other’s basic needs, we can create high-performing teams in organisations that understand how to use every team member in the best possible way.

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Leadership and organisational culture

Leadership in agile organizations require a different paradigm and approach on organizational, team and personal level.

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Personal agility 

A successful agile team is a team, where every individual continually and consciously develops their own personal agility .

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Companies that trust us: 

Maja & HeRo Ladies - thank you for sharing you knowledge & expertise.

Agile HR is all about people and for the people. I recommend this workshop to all who want to implement changes in small steps. Because you don't need a revolution, you just need to know your company, become familiar with Agile HR and know expert like Maja to help/encourage you to find the way!

Dear Maja, thanks for this exciting & creative workshop. In two days, I've got a lots of AHA moments, ideas and useful tools on how to make the work of HR as well as in the whole company more agile and people friendly. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to develop engaged and awesome employees.

Go Agile HR!

Today we talked about leadership and self awarenes. Maja is an awesome person, who has a lot of HR knowledge to share. I enjoyed listening to her and I admire her courage, kind approach and empathy the most.

She flipped her stressful life into meaning for herself by imposing a change within. I can relate with her charisma and being aware of what truly matters. If you strive to be a better leader & understanding HR give her a follow.

Would you like to learn more about how people strategy and people operations need to change when working in a company embracing the changing world of work?

If you are interested in creating internal workshop, please contact us and we will together find the best solution for you.


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